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Majestic, seductive timelessness.

AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION ONLY. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Contact: for questions and alterations.

Persephone, the formidable, venerable, majestic Queen of the Underworld… and of growth, shooting forth with new life. A mystical deity, she is revered through dancing and magic. With the ancient knowledge of the shades, you twist and glide across the dancefloor, the gold twirling, catching the light in majestic flickers, your shoulders dip with the rhythm as you coyly grin to onlookers. A seductive force of nature.


• As worn by Natalia Tena, Game of Thrones, London Fashion Week. Feb 2014
• Handmade with dyed black swan feathers, white swan and white coque feathers
• Finished with black chandelle, silver and black front embellishment, brass centre piece and hanging brass chain
• One size fits many
• Lightweight and comfortable, attaches securely to hair using clip fasteners