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Beautiful, sensual, magical.

AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION ONLY. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Contact: for questions and alterations.

Nefertiti, “The Beauty has come”. Queen of Egypt in the 14th Century BC, she is regarded as one of the most mysterious and powerful women of Ancient Egypt. A Goddess of sensuality and rebirth. Egyptian Queens, through their semi divine magical fertility are celebrated for their ability to offer rebirth to the King, ensuring eternal life. Nerfertiti became a global icon of feminine beauty, power and elegance.


• Handmade with love and iridescent black and green coque tail feathers, brown swan feathers, pheasant tail feathers and hints of golden and ginger coque feathers
• Vintage cream rabbit fur with golden side and front embellishments
• One size fits many
• Lightweight and comfortable, attaches securely to hair using clip fasteners
• For made to measure commissions please allow up to 4 weeks for completion