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Spirited, magical, delicate.

AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION ONLY. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Contact: for questions and alterations.

Minerva, the Roman Virgin Goddess of wisdom, music, poetry, crafts and magic. She is often to be seen with her sacred creature, an owl. She is a patron of the earth and home, pre spring she received gifts of honey and wine. Wholesome and spirited, Minerva presides over artisans.


• Handmade with wonder and white ostrich plumes, auburn and ginger coque feathers, white chandrelle, golden and brown small pheasant feathers, pheasant tail feathers finished with a gold and black glinting trim
• Vintage cream rabbit fur with brass button side embellishments and brass triangular front decoration
• One size fits many
• Lightweight and comfortable, attaches securely to hair using clip fasteners
• For made to measure commissions please allow up to 4 weeks for completion