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Rebellious beauty.

AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION ONLY. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Contact: for questions and alterations.

Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, striking in appearance with reddish brown hair hanging below her waist, a harsh voice and piercing glare. She inspired her people and led them in victorious rebellion against the Romans. The warrior queen was possessed of greater intelligence and habitually adorned with gold jewellery. Our powerful Boudicca embodies this; feminine strength and intelligence, and tells the tale of boldness and victory.


• Handmade with dyed brown and navy Ostrich feathers, dyed swan feathers, flashes of blond duck feathers and trailing pheasant tail feathers finished with a lace trim
• Vintage russet mink fur with golden embellishments and finished with brass chain
• One size fits many
• Lightweight and comfortable, attaches securely to hair using clip fasteners