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Exquisite, directional, luxury.

AVAILABLE BY COMMISSION ONLY. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Contact: for questions and alterations.

Asteria, Greek Goddess of nocturnal oracles, prophetic dreams and falling stars. Born from chaos she elegantly glides through midnight, gracefully existing in the mystical place between worlds and reading the stars like poetry. Pursued by Zeus she fled, transforming into a bird she threw herself into the ocean to escape him. Enchantingly wide eyed and ethereal, Asteria fell from heaven as though a star.


• As featured in Wylde Magazine, Nov 2013
• Handmade with iridescent green and black cockerel tail feathers, dyed black, brown and gold swan feathers, pheasant tail feathers finished with a lace trim
• Vintage black mink fur with brass embellishments and hanging brass chain
• One size fits many
• Lightweight and comfortable, attaches securely to hair using clip fasteners